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超高分子量聚乙烯纤维(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibre)
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  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Cooling home textile
  • Rope & cable
  • Fish line
  • Marine pasture cage
  • Cloth & wearing
  • Bags
  • Sports
  • Stab-resistant cloth
  • Stab-resistant shoes
  • Aerospace-material
  • Medical equipment
  • Pet products
  • Firefighting appliances
  • Cement reinforce
  • Car accessories
  • Cable reinforce
  • Wind turbine blade reinforce
  • Furniture material
In order to better serve and fit the actual needs of Our customers, also to expand their benefits , XINGI is glad to utilize limited resources to joint customers for cooperative development,XINGI is very open for investment and cooperation if you have a good idea.XINGI closely follow the development concept of mutual assistance and win-win situation to achieve the purpose of complementary advantages and common development.
UHMWPE FIBER has excellent cut resistance. The Z series developed by the company has the characteristics of high cut resistance and strong applicability. It can be widely used in cut-resistant gloves, backpacks, protective clothing, aprons, sleeves and other protective products.
UHMWPE FIBER has an ultra-cooling sensation. When in contact with the skin, it can produce a momentary cooling sensation with a temperature difference of 4-5°C. Cooling mats made of this material have the advantages of deodorization, mite prevention, durability and aging resistance, which are deeply loved by users.
Using the outstanding performance of UHMWPE FIBER such as high strength, low temperature resistance, chemical stability and aging resistance, it is widely used in mooring, offshore fishing, deep sea cages, offshore work platforms and other fields.
UHMWPE FIBER has excellent mechanical properties, lower density than water, and ultra-strong wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and self-lubricating properties. It has an excellent water cutting effect. It has become the mainstream product in high-end fishing and sea fishing areas.
With the advantages of light weight, high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, UHMWPE FIBER has rapidly entered marine ranch areas such as fishing nets, net cages, and trawl nets since its birth and has gained extensive recognition and high evaluation in the market, becoming one of the most successful high-performance fibers in this field. With the renewal and upgrading of marine ranches, the introduction of the concept of full product life cycle and consideration of the carbon footprint of products, the relative advantages of UHMWPE FIBER over conventional polyethylene, polyester or nylon fibers will become more prominent.
UHMWPE FIBER fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking, breathable, soft texture, light weight, water resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance. They can solve most of the shortcomings of traditional chemical fibers. High-density fabrics made of it have far superior effects to existing ordinary high-end quick-drying fabrics, and are lighter and more wear-resistant.
UHMWPE FIBER is used for luggage fabrics to concentrate all the functions of chemical fiber fabrics and give full play to its own advantages such as cut resistance, lightweight, water resistance, easy cleaning and no peculiar smell. This helps major luggage manufacturers upgrade their products, improve product competitiveness, and enter the global mid-to-high-end market.
UHMWPE FIBER makes use of the advantages of light weight and high elastic modulus. It can be widely used in tennis rackets, badminton rackets, bowstrings and other cord sports goods to greatly improve sports performance and extend service life. UHMWPE fiber composites can be used to make skis, sailboards, fishing rods, rackets as well as bicycles, hang gliders, ultra-light drone parts. Their performance is superior to traditional materials, breaking the monopoly of carbon fiber materials in high-end fields. In the civilian market, it will greatly improve the sports level and enthusiasm of the Chinese people.

Protective clothing made of UHMWPE FIBER materials makes use of the characteristics of UHMWPE FIBER to absorb high energy and have high breaking strength. It is scratch and bite resistant and can prevent penetration of any blades with 24 joules of kinetic energy, protecting major internal organs from slash injuries. It can be used in any area requiring relevant protection and special care in hospitals.

The one-piece anti-puncture shoe soles and toes made of UHMWPE FIBER can be used for sole protection to prevent puncture wounds from various sharp and hard objects. They can also be used to prevent the toes from being kicked back by sharp and hard objects. These lightweight and durable safety shoes are easy to care for and favored by safety protection users.
Due to the light weight, high strength and good impact resistance of UHMWPE FIBER composite materials, they are suitable for making various wingtip components and spacecraft components of aircraft; UHMWPE FIBER shells are also used for armed helicopters and fighter jets. Excellent ballistic protection; UHMWPE FIBER can also be used as deceleration parachutes for spacecraft landing and ropes for suspending heavy objects on aircraft, replacing traditional steel cables and synthetic fiber ropes.
UHMWPE FIBER has good mechanical properties, impact resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulation and biological inertia. It is biologically non-toxic and has been approved by the US FDA for use as biomaterials in humans. It has been widely used abroad in artificial ligaments, medical sutures, oral materials, catheters in cardiovascular diseases, endoscope traction, etc., which greatly improves the treatment effect and difficulty of surgery.

UHMWPE FIBER has weak surface adsorption capacity. Its products have the advantages of cleanliness, no peculiar smell and easy cleaning. At the same time, the materials are acid and alkali resistant and have the best corrosion resistance to organic solvents and the strongest chemical stability. In daily life, they are almost impervious to pet urine stains, feces, food and drinking water erosion. The scratch and bite resistance is extremely strong and can adapt to scratching and climbing of all kinds of pets for a long time without deformation. Lightweight walking ropes are not only a blessing for cute pets, but also a beautiful scenery for us owners. The materials are non-toxic and harmless and do not swell. The shortcomings of traditional materials such as wear resistance, easy water absorption and peculiar smell, scratch and bite resistance, heavy weight, corrosion, unhygienic, easy knotting can be solved at one time.
Taking advantage of the light density, high strength and strong cut resistance of UHMWPE FIBER, it can be widely used in fire protection equipment such as fire hoses, water rescue ropes and forest protective clothing, providing more timely rescue capabilities, reducing rescue loads and improving firefighters' personal safety coefficients.
Ultra-high ductility concrete (UHDC) made of UHMWPE FIBER in concrete, its four-point bending beams, without reinforcements, have bending performance comparable to ordinary reinforced concrete beams with a reinforcement ratio of 1.5%, and have better bending ductility, allowing the concrete to become stronger and tougher after leaving the reinforcement. It subverts the traditional concrete field of building reinforcement, simple beam bridge deck continuous structure, military protective engineering, subways, tunnels, overpasses, airports, highways, bridges, dams, docks, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings and other municipal engineering construction, offshore construction, LNG tank applications, especially providing basic materials for the realization of commercial operation of 3D printing in construction, paving the way for the realization of commercial operation of 3D printing in construction.
In industrial applications, UHMWPE FIBER and its composite materials can be used as automotive buffer plates to significantly reduce the weight of vehicles themselves and stability under extreme conditions. Due to the excellent wear resistance and impact resistance of these materials and their composites, they can also be used to make various gears, cams, impellers, rollers, elastic universal joints, bolts and other mechanical parts in the automotive components industry.
UHMWPE FIBER needs to be modified for use in optical fibers or fiber optic cables to improve bonding with high temperature resistant resins. Due to their price and performance advantages over aramids, they have been eagerly expected by many fiber optic cable manufacturers. The reinforcement and protection of fiber optic cables by UHMWPE fiber will exceed existing materials. With the 5G construction and further development of transoceanic transmission, it will bring more development space for the demand of UHMWPE fiber.
Wind turbine blades made of UHMWPE FIBER composite materials use UHMWPE FIBER fabrics and matrix resins in the leading edge, main beam skin and upper and lower shells of the blades, which are made through molds of each part. It is lighter in weight and higher in strength, so the generator can start power generation at lower wind speeds and still maintain the safety of the wind turbine at higher wind speeds (wide wind speed adaptation range). Compared with traditional glass fiber and carbon fiber, it has a wider production range and higher cost performance, with considerable market application prospects.
The problem with the sofa and seat industry is the low innovation ability, and independent innovation and the application of new materials are the key to improving product competitiveness. The use of diverse and personalized materials is a way to showcase differences, and the performance advantages of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers will break the product problems of traditional materials. This fiber can be applied in a variety of material combinations, including weaving and knitting for sofa fabric production, as well as using cowhide material for material composite to enhance the lifespan of cowhide while maintaining its tactile feel.
Historique du développement

      XINGI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD est un fabricant professionnel spécialisé dans la R & D, la production et la vente de FIBRE UHMWPE. Actuellement, notre capacité annuelle de FIBRE UHMWPE atteint 20000 tonnes, ce qui se classe au premier rang mondial, notre société s'engage à devenir un usine mondiale spécialisée dans la production de FIBRE UHMWPE.

      XINGI possède des droits de propriété intellectuelle indépendants sur la technologie de production de la FIBRE UHMWPE et du matériau de protection UD. Notre FIBRE UHMWPE a été reconnue comme championne unique dans l'industrie manufacturière par le ministère chinois de l'industrie et des technologies de l'information, XINGI dispose d'une gamme complète de spécifications de produits, qui peut produire des centaines de variétés et de spécifications telles que 10D, 15D, 20D, 30D, 50D, 75D, 100D, 125D, 150D, 200D, 250D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 800D, 1200D, 16 00D, 3200D, 6400D, et des centaines d'autres variétés et spécifications. XINGI a développé des variétés spéciales telles que des séries spéciales anti-coupure, des séries spéciales balistiques, des séries spéciales de corde, des séries de couleurs, etc., qui peuvent répondre aux différents besoins des clients dans différents domaines d'application. tous les produits XINGI HIGH PERFORMACE FIBER PRODUCTS disposent d'une gamme complète de produits en aval de FIBER UHMWPE, tels que le tissu UD, le tissu tricoté, etc., qui peut répondre aux divers besoins de différents clients.
Le projet d'expansion de 20000 tonnes de FIBRE UHNWPE a été lancé à Rudong, en Chine.
Diviser la FIBRE UHMWPE de JIUJIUJIU et établir XINGI afin de s'engager dans ce domaine.
Le projet Gagnez l'honneur du "Top dix des projets scientifiques de Nantong"
La qualité des produits pare-balles fabriqués à partir de Xingi a atteint ou dirigé le niveau international.

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